GW2 would be more likely to return to mess

I’m still shocked that some people are actually against it. In 2012 and even 2013 people loved the idea and supported it massively, to this day I’m still waiting for the day that they implement it.
But now? Is this the new generation of gw2 players? The person you quoted sounds like the guy that joins a zerk only speedrun with his rampager rares and then whine because “trolls” kicked him asap. It’s really sad to see people frown upon cool features because of contrived and weird reasons that don’t even make sense.
Dueling in the open world to me is nothing more than a fun way to kill some time, to sit in weird places and fight it out while the 5th guy is on his way to CoF, or to try out some skirmishes before x world boss spawns, nothing important or serious. Leave those for the mists.
It must be painful to imagine how much these people must’ve been “trolled” by others in the past to outright refuse content where there’s a slight possibility of it happening again. Using that logic any new content would be a big NO since you can always get affected in some way!

The reason we aren’t likely to see duels any time soon, is because each patch implements content that supports the Gem store. New skins/items based around the story that people can drop $10 bucks on easily and don’t cost a lot of time or resources to create. I don’t necessarily agree with it but honestly that’s how it goes, it’s marketing decisions based on whats going to generate the best, immediate revenue for the least amount of opportunity cost and resources.
If duels are implemented the way they have been in other games, there is no reason to buy anything from the cash shop. They could add things to support duels, (like special skins or whatever) but the amount of resources and assets that would have to be directed to create dueling likely does not cover the potential cash shop revenue that could be made much easier with a living story patch.
Personally, i think it is a good idea in the long run. All the hardcore MMOers that have moved on from cheap guild wars 2 gold would be more likely to return to mess around with dueling, but then are likely to see all the new, quality stuff added to the game and may become staying players.

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