Guild Wars 2 Fractured and the COMPLETE

This was the one thing that drove me from any sort of commitment to this game. Prior to Fractured, I was active on the forums, I was actively recruiting and holding fractals training sessions regularly to get people into and enjoying fractals. I did daily fractal runs. I did several runs at levels above 50 because of the challenge. With the limited AR, Fractal level used to mean something also…because to get to level 50 you really needed to have everything that could have AR, with AR…which meant you had to be committed to fractals to want to do regular 48’s or above. Even outside of fractals, I had every gift gathered to make my Legendary and was repeatedly throwing greatswords into the mystic forge going for Dusk to make it.

After Fractured and the COMPLETE lack of any response regarding the changes after countless threads….and having my own threads deleted or moved and merged with no comments at all…and having this constant “dev blackout” on this topic…I really haven’t put any more investment into the game. I post very rarely here…I haven’t bothered getting my legendary….I think I am only up to level 34 in the new fractals (haven’t bothered with them after I ran a couple runs and realized they were much easier than before…which meant I was effectively “wasting time” regaining my old levels.I lost my passion for guild wars 2 gold…like Lilith said, not necessarily over the lack of compensation, but the utter lack of anyone over at ANET willing to even discuss it with us. We had threads going into more pages than I have seen in anything outside of a CDI and yet not a single response. I have had so many threads deleted or merged without a single response. We have had Chris and Izzy both say they were “thinking” of a response….without a single response. This recent “shut up” by Chris in the CDI felt like another slap in the face…


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