I even argued with a mod saying runescape

The whole problem is that it went on for too long. People stated their problems and issues that needed a fix. Which was Dredge and Rewards. And that’s all fractals really needed. Then since those been “heard” people started being innovative. Rolling was never a problem as it doesn’t hurt the game in any way, yet it became a big thing for no reason. They started talking about Leaderboards which obviously was a complete failure. But instead addressing it as such, they desperately want it to work. That itself made speedclearers and I-Want-to-solo-everything guys come in play as they saw it as potential challenge.

I mean we’re at the point in that CDI where people that barely got past level 10 are saying that instabilities need to be harder without ever even experiencing them to begin with.Making rolling impossible? Why? So when a group rolls something other than Swamp will never be joined in LFG? At this point they’re looking for issues that are not even there anymore. Main things been stated. I just read a proposal to have a random fractal level that rarely pops up and brings your personal level down 20 levels… How am I supposed to take that CDI seriously at this point?Anet will always go with what casual players want. And that always is easy rewards and quick access without any hard work. So far they got most of it. Yet they still barely play…

I even argued with a mod saying that my post about ANET taking Fractal levels being equal to ANET taking WvW rankings was directly related to the topic at hand! And of course, silence for an answer.Of course then immediately ANET gave them all a response saying that PvP and WvW were getting compensation for their lost ranks in the form of chests and unique titles…which were things we had proposed for Fractal levels lost.I also got in trouble with Moderators when I took a specific person to cheap gw2 gold task on his comments. During the fractured debate he was one of the people who argued that time spent getting fractal levels was meaningless and really shouldn’t be compensated for…
When the T3 human cultural ended up in the gem store, he was one of the big arguers AGAINST the T3 human armor being in the gem-store…and his argument was that he spent 100 hours working towards T3 Cultural, only to now have it thrown into the gem store for a few dollars. I pointed out to him that it was the same argument he used against us Fractal people….that his time spent getting T3 was meaningless! Just like my time spent on Fractal levels was.

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