I Choose Guild Wars 2 over other MMOs

So I’m going to be honest with you all… I have never even tried a warrior. I main a ranger and a guardian, and I play a necromancer a fair amount too. I felt the need to write this though because people often ask me, “Why don’t you play warrior?” or tell me the classes that I play “Don’t really do anything,” and sometimes I am just kicked from parties because I choose to bring my ranger to a dungeon. And you will all have to trust me when I say that I am not playing fetch with my pets using my bow as a stick when I am running a dungeon. Sometimes from the way people talk you would think you ate a bunch of lead as a child to play anything besides a berserker warrior this is simply not true.
So the question remains why don’t I play a warrior? Why don’t we ALL play berserker warriors? Anet could definitely cut down the size of cheap gw2 gold. There wouldn’t need to be any light or medium armor. They could cut out a ton of weapons, limit the stats and nix most of the runes. No pet or minion AIs to worry about. WvW would certainly be different with zergs just charging strait at each other and using A Hundred Blades on as many enemies as possible. Dungeons would be just charging through and dpsing the boss. If that can’t be done ie: the new TA path no one would run it and perhaps Anet would eventually remove it.

The answer for me is simple: Support. I love supporting the parties I am in. My ranger pulls and kites extremely well. I can drop a healing spring and blast it once myself and if we have a guardian with a hammer it can blasted two more times. I love removing conditions, giving boons and healing my party. All of my toons do these things very well; I almost always have a group heal. These are things that berserker warriors typically don’t do. A majority of the berserker warriors I know run signets, but if you are running banners or shouts, you still don’t have a group heal. Berserker warriors aren’t built for group support.

Group support is the main reason I chose Guild Wars 2 over other MMOs. I like the idea of the party working as a single unit. I like the idea that dungeons can and world events can be something more than a dps race, and I sincerely hope that Anet helps promote and facilitates this. Because if there was more things in the game similar to the new TA dungeon where I can go through with 1 ranger 3 guardians and an elementalist and get through in 45 minutes, but a group that is trying to speed run it with 3 warriors a mesmer and and elementalist can’t make it through I think this question would get asked a whole lot less. Because conditions, blocks, buffs, and stripping boons should never be called useless, and a game that dares to break the holy trinity should be more than a dps race.

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