Guild Wars 2 Air Magic – Precision and Critical Damage

Air is mostly considered the burst or spike damage attunement and precision (critical chance) and critical damage make it even more so. In default PvP armor and no points in Air Magic, you’ll have a 4% chance to critical strike. With 30 points that raises to 18%, or 14% critical strike chance for 30 points. It also gives you 30% more critical damage, which makes each of those critical hits hit harder.

Air is another key component for any damage oriented build. The more points you put into air, the greater the chance of a critical, which means you deal more burst damage. This is great for any offensive, non-condition heavy build since precision does nothing for conditions. Like I mentioned above, the Ember’s Might and Burning Precision combo synergize well with a heavy focus in Air Magic.

The major traits are a bit interesting. Bolt to the Heart deals 20% more damage to foes with less than 25% of their health. This is amazing for whenever you need to finish someone off fast. Aeromancer’s Alacrity is, again, great if you’ll be using air abilities for gw2 gold. Grounded is another great trait, 20% more damage on foes who are knocked down or stunned. That’s 40% or so extra damage tool if you stun someone below 25% health.

Minor Traits

Zephyr’s Speed (5 Points) – 10% faster movement speed while attuned to air. It’s almost worth five points to pick this one up to increase your mobility.
Electric Discharge (15 Points) – You strike your target with an air blast. It does about 600 damage at level 80, give or take.
Weak Spot (25 Points) – 60% chance to cause vulnerability on critical hits. This is decent, because it gives you a good chance to apply vulnerability which is 1% additional damage on a critical strike. The vulnerability lasts about 4-5 seconds, more with more condition duration.

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