Guild Wars 2 Catapult And Flame Ram

This is the general purpose siege engine, capable of taking down other siege weapons, players, NPCs, walls, and gates. It has a larger targeting reticule than an arrow cart, but has more moderate damage. It’s great for assaulting a wall whenever you’re closer (whereas the Trebuchet is good for long distance wall razing).It comes with two modes: gravel and boulder. Switch to boulder to deal more damage in a smaller area and gravel for less damage in a bigger area.

The Flame Ram is used to destroy gates, but must be built right beside the gate or wall to be destroyed. It can take a gate down in no time, but is an extremely vulnerable structure. You’ll want to have players set to protect the ram and watch out for the burning oil above the gate. Flame Rams can use Flame Burst to deal damage to attackers.Guardians make great Flame Ram defenders, because they can push enemies away from the ram who try to do a hit and run (jump out of the keep, throw down an AoE, jump back in). Again, make sure the oil is down before you set one up and that you have the door under control, or the blueprint will be a waste.

If you’re defending a keep, then you’re going to want to get these cheap gw2 gold, because they’re a much bigger threat than people banging on the walls, especially upgraded superior flame rams. Your best bet if the oil is down is to hit and run, jump out of the keep, throw down some AoE, and then jump back in. That’s assuming you can’t hit it from the wall. Killing the operator is also a good way to get it to stop for a second, but usually people jump right back on.

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