Do Plan Ahead In Guild Wars 2

As the trebuchet can be interacted with, it can also be destroyed by the opposing team. Although it can sustain a reasonable amount of damage, it doesn’t take long for a single individual to render it useless. You can repair it by obtaining a repair kit (just near the Clocktower) but this is time consuming and requires you to carry the repair kit all the way back to the trebuchet. Protecting your trebuchet, rather than letting it be destroyed is a more practical approach.

Unlike Foefire or Forest of Niflhel, Khylo is a confined, scrappy affair. Littered with boxes and crates as well as tight paths and routes, melee users can excel here. Although there are some areas where you can take real advantage of ranged opportunities, such as on the gantry around the Clocktower, wide open spaces are few and far between.Similarly to Sanctum at the centre of Foefire, the Clocktower is arguably the most important point in Khylo as it allows you access onto the surrounding gantry, to reach both the Mansion and Windmill quickly. The height advantage surrounding Clocktower also makes it incredibly easy to spot incoming players and tip off your trebuchet operator. Unlike in Foefire however, you can comfortably win without ever holding Clocktower simply by working your way around it.This includes your choice of weapons, skills, routes around the map and guild wars 2 gold. Do you want to focus just on destroying the opponent’s trebuchet? Do you want to just fire your team’s trebuchet? Are you just going to capture points? Are you going to roam, killing off the opponent’s players who are just capturing points? Are you taking a mixed role?

All of these require adaptation. If you are just firing the trebuchet, it’s likely you’ll spend a great deal of time being on your own or defending it by yourself, so taking several defensive skills will buy you time if you are attacked by multiple players. If taking capture points you’ll need skills and weapon sets that help you traverse the map quickly. Skills that grant swiftness or passive speed increases such as Signet of the Hunt are great, while the Theif’s Shortbow (Infiltrators Arrow) or Ranger Warhorn are two examples of excellent weapons for this role.

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