An Essential Guide to Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 introduces a variety of new, revolutionary features that has made it one of the most talked about and anticipated MMORPG titles of the year. I will go over some of the best features the game has to offer in this mini Guild Wars 2 guide.The GW 2 environment is rich, robust and looks gorgeous regardless of how powerful your video card is. The designers of the game put a great deal of care into creating the environment and it really shows. What makes the game so exciting is the fact that the environment changes are the game progresses.

In the Guild Wars sequel, players are able to choose a profession, or class, and race for their character. The game’s races include Norn, Charr, Human, Sylvari and Asura. Profession choices include Guardian, Engineer, Elementalist, Ranger, Necromancer, Thief and Warrior. Each one has a dynamic set of abilities that change with each weapon type that is equipped.A level increase has also been included with the sequel. High level players can transfer some of their power to lower level players, making them fun little sidekicks. High level players that venture into lower level zones will lose some of gw2 gold and their level will be reduced as well. Players can also enjoy PvPvE as well, or Player versus Player versus Environment. Aion was one of the first MMOs to test this concept and it was a great success. Conventional PVP features are also available for those who are not interested in PvPvE. Guild vs. Guild and World vs. World battles will also be available, which further extend the PVP experience and make the game all that more exciting.

The Hall of Monuments is also available to players, which is a portal that allows gamers to transfer certain achievements over to buy guild wars 2 gold. Many were unsure of whether or not the game would include this feature, but it will be included with release. With the new release, players have the opportunity to add more achievements to their collection.Developers have been working on Guild Wars 2 since 2007. The highly anticipated title will finally be released on August 28, 2012, but those who pre-order the game will enjoy early access (three days early to be exact). Beta weekend events were held before the game’s release so that players could get a taste of Guild Wars 2.

Guild Wars 2 will no doubt be a tremendous success. Between the dynamic environment and revolutionary game mechanics, Guild Wars 2 has truly stepped up their game with this release. Much to the delight of players, GW 2 is available without a monthly subscription fee.

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