Guild Wars 2 Power

Attributes in Guild Wars 2 are the fundamental characteristics which improve your effectiveness in combat. Each profession can access ten attributes, with nine of those shared between all professions and the tenth unique to each profession. Attributes are subdivided into three types: Primary, Secondary and Profession. As you level up, your primary attributes will increase automatically.

The total value of your primary attributes when you reach level 80 will be 916. Attributes can also be increased through items or traits as you progress through the game. In general terms, the higher your attributes the stronger you will be. Power, in its most basic form, determines your damage output as each point in guild wars 2 gold increases your attack by one. Without confusing you with the calculations or mathematics behind how damage is calculated, all you need to know is the more Power you have, the more damage you will deal. There are exceptions to this, specific to Condition Damage (see below) but for most professions and setups, if you want to hit hard, having items or investing in trait lines that increase your Power will see you deal high damage.

From a personal perspective, if I’m not running a Condition Damage build, I always try to aim for around 1900 Power and although this isn’t the highest value you can achieve, it does ensure you deal a good amount of damage without sacrificing attributes in other areas.

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