Guild Wars 2 Boons Removal

The only profession that doesn’t have access to a trait that removes conditions is the Warrior (that may change) and most other professions can only remove one condition in a specific circumstance, when they actively trait for it. Some traits will only remove one condition per trigger and some up to three with these traits designed more as a support tool to existing condition removal skills.

For example, the guardian trait Inscribed Removal will remove one condition from you when you activate a Signet. As the guardian only has one Signet (which also removes conditions passively every 10 seconds) you can realistically remove two at once by activating the Signet. If you paired this Purity of Resolve, a trait that removes three conditions when you use Virtue of Resolve, you could within a very short space of time remove 5 conditions instantly (and still maintain the passive condition removal from the Signet).Pairing condition removal traits with skills in this manner is incredibly powerful and can make many professions and players who rely on condition damage incredibly weak, as they never have the opportunity to stack conditions on you to their full effect.Although we’ve already touched on Combo Fields and Finishers in the past, they aren’t just used offensively but can provide condition removal to you and guild wars 2 gold. The two main combinations for this are Light + Projectile or Light + Whirl. The former will provide condition removal to anyone in front of you and the latter condition removal to anyone around you. Although I wouldn’t recommend relying on Combo Fields and Finishers exclusively for your condition removal, it is a viable option to support your existing condition removal setup.

As mentioned above, very few professions have the skills or traits to actively remove opposing players boons. As a Mesmer or Necromancer you should be rubbing your hands together at the opportunities afforded to you in this department as you are the only two professions that do this job splendidly. The Mesmer has 4 skills that remove boons and the Necromancer has 3.

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