The Guild Wars 2 Dolyak Express Delivers Its First Q&A

From WvW to playable races, community questions are being chosen and replied to by Guild Wars 2 developers in what has been dubbed the ‘Dolyak Express’.

As part of the Guild Wars 2 collaborative development initiative, the GW2 community will be scouring the forums of every region looking for questions to throw at developers, and those developer responses will be posted right on the forums every couple of weeks. The Dolyak Express as it is being called is intended to be an open dialogue between players and developers about some of the simpler questions the playerbase has regarding the game. Today the community team posted the first round of developer Q&A, so let’s take a look at some of the highlights!

Does it really matter that Scarlet studied at all 3 Asura universities?

Colin Johanson’s response is yes it does, but that revealing why it is an important detail could lead to too many spoilers. Johanson did say however that in the future they plan on getting more of the core plot of each story out earlier on in the process so that players can become more invested in what is happening sooner. He thinks the team should also have some shorter stories with clear beginning and endings with possible larger plots tying the smaller stories together being more obvious in how they intertwine.

New promised features

Johanson stated that a “state of the game” would be forthcoming soon after the current living story season wraps up in the next few months, and that while there is currently no set date for the large new feature update, more info will be coming after this current living story arc wraps up.

Dwarves as a playable race

In game lore says that there are so few dwarves, and the ones that exist are now stone, that having them be a playable race right now just is not realistic, although it could be a possibility “many years” down the road. The good news is that the dev team do have their eyes set on a few races they do want to make as playable in Guild Wars 2.

WvW Season 1 rewards and upcoming changes

The development team is looking at player feedback to judge how to make improvements to WvW rewards after some players felt the season 1 rewards were a little lack-luster. The devs also like a lot of the things that are being worked on with the upcoming “Edge of Mists” map, and that map could be a pre-cursor to future WvW features.

Making PvP more fun and rewarding

The development team is looking to make PvP feel more like a part of the rest of the game and less like you are putting all your character progression goals on hold in order to PvP.

There are plenty of other questions asked and answered in this Q&A, including conversation about condition damage in PvE, so be sure to head over to the official Guild Wars 2 forums and check out the post. We should be seeing more from the Dolyak Express in the next few weeks so check out the guidelines at the top of the forum thread for submitting your questions and maybe you can have an ArenaNet dev answer your question personally.

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