Guild Wars 2 Cooking Guide for Beginners

As soon as you select the crafting discipline, you will be able to start your journey in training up the character. Gw2 cooking guide will provide you some information that you need to remember in preparation of various delicious dishes. Guild Wars 2 is a multi-player and multi-disciplinary game. While being on cooking path, you will prepare various dishes by including all the real ingredients. This is really cool with Gw2.

Learn while playing

If you are required to prepare a list of mashed potatoes for instance, you need find out all the required ingredients for it. For this recipe, the requirements include potatoes, salt, butter and buttermilk. You need to, however, figure out the quantities that you should use to prepare a recipe in the most appropriate form. You can enjoy the game while learning new things at the same time lol. This add as really enjoyable and fun experience to Guild Wars 2.

Cooking discipline

By training your character in the cooking discipline, you will be able to prepare great recipes. You can sell them on various events. By being able to present high quality food, you can make a decent income. There will be some instances where the food items will not move even though you take all the required precautions. This is quite common in the real world as well and you should be prepared for this. Tip: items coming from farms located in some boring zones may get a lot of attention.

Profit point of view

You should be able to match your preparation as per the selling table provided on Gw2spidy. You cannot sell beyond the labeled price. Hence, you need to be able to obtain the required ingredients below the selling price and be quick enough to acquaint with the preparation process. Then you should be able to sell with a decent margin. Remember the fact that you need to include the auction price which is 15% of each and every sale. You should carefully analyze the time, effort and money required to prepare the recipe.


Most of the time though cooking is a really enjoyable experience. However, one should not forget the fact that the process can be really expensive. You are required to gather lots of resources including raw materials. Even through the majority of crafts require no more than two materials, cooking is the only profession where you will sometimes need more than 5 materials (ingredients). You should be much more vigilant about the market conditions to get the most out of your cooking. You should keep track of the ingredients and their prices. You need to be able to figure out the price of the final recipe beforehand so that you will be able to move in the market without losing much. You should not invest your resources, time and money without preparation as you can end up with great losses.

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