How important are Guild Wars 2 Race Skills?

Guild Wars 2 – a game that is played by young and old, men and women from all over attracts new players thanks to their wide variety of characters and races. Let’s take a closer look at Guild Wars 2 race abilities and see how they can add to the game play.

In the game, each playable race has a certain set of Guild Wars 2 race skills that makes them unique. These skills can be placed on the skill bar filling the last five slots. Each race has its own set of six skills that are available starting with the PvE campaign. Although, there are various powers and effects like changing into a bear or condition removing, these are still weaker skills than profession skills.

Let’s take a look at each of the race and their Guild Wars 2 skills.

Charr Race

Utility Skills:
•    Battle Roar –  let out a roar which gives might and fury to allies nearby
•    Hidden Pistol – shoot your foes with a hidden pistol even while you are evading backwards.
•    Shrapnel Mine – throw your shrapnel mine and it will cripple and bleed foes

Elite Skills:
•    Artillery Barrage – damage foes by calling down the artillery barrage at any target location
•    Charrzooka – pull out a charrzooka that can shoot rockets
•    Warband Support – call for members of your warband to help you

Asura Race

Utility Skills:
•    Pain Inventer – confuse foes nearby and gain retaliation
•    Radiation Field – create a field of radiation to inflict weakness and poison on foes
•    Technobabble – daze the target foe

Elite Skills:
•    Summon 7-series – summon an attacking golem of 7-series to fight on your side
•    Summon D-series – summon a defensive golem
•    Summon Power Suit – summon a Power suit that your allies can use to fight enemies

Human Race

Healing Skills:
•    Prayer to Dwayna – Dwayna will restore health

Utility Skills:
•     Prayer to Kormir – Kormir will remove three conditions
•    Orayer to Lyssa – Lyssa will grant you a random boon and your target foe a random condition

Elite Skills:
•    Avatar of Melandru – become the Avatar of Melandru
•    Hounds of Balthazar – two Hounds of Balthazar will come and fight with you
•    Reaper of Grenth – be the Reaper of Grenth, poison and chill nearby foes

Norn Race

Utility Skills:
•    Call Owl – an owl will come, attack and bleed the foe
•    Call Wurm – a wurm will fight for you

Elite Skills:
•    Become the Bear – Transform into a norn bear
•    Become the Raven – transform into a norn Raven
•    Become the Snow Leopard – transform into a norn snow Leopard
•    Become the Worf – transform into a norn wolf

Sylvari Race

Healing Skills:
•    Healing Seed – give nearby allies some regeneration by creating a heeling seed at a targer location

Utility Skills:
•    Grasping Vines – target foe can’t move due to vines keeping him tangled up
•    Seed Turret – create a Seed Turret to attach enemies nearby

Elite Skills:
•    Summon Druid Spirit – a Druid Spirit will come and fight together with you
•    Summon Sylvan Hound – a sylvan hound will come and fight together with you
•    Take Root – take root to cause turrets to grow, while becoming immobile yourself

Are Racial Skills Any Good?

Although there are several different Guild Wars 2 Racial skill sets and powers that each race has, these are still not good enough when compared to other kinds of skills that you can get from professions for example. This is also the reason why many pro players don’t even develop racial skills during their game play.

However, there are others who consider it important and also take it into account when choosing characters and races.

The conclusion is, whether or not Guild Wars 2 racial skills are essential to your game play, they definitely give something a little extra.

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