Guild Wars 2 Ascended Armour & Linen vs Gossamer

It’s the same problem as most other parts of this game. It only operates at extremes and Anet only addresses the “problems” they introduce with extreme overreactions. They’ve done the same thing with the scrap excess as they did with Orr back in Feb or March. They didn’t like the way it was working, so they just blew the whole thing up and tried to chase people away from it entirely. So anybody who is willing to play their game and sink huge amounts of time into it makes extraordinary amounts of money and you can’t compete if you’re willing to do any less.

But, yes, you’re right, you did pick the wrong game if you wanted to be a crafter. Unless you’re willing to farm dungeons like crazy or try to play the TP it’s really only good for leveling. That said, I’m not sure MMO you’d play instead. Crafting has always been a major weakness in MMOs. Anet is hardly the first to get it all wrong and I doubt they’ll be the last.

That said, I’ve been making good and easy gw2 gold since Damask came and screwed up the market. I bought a ton of discarded garments and silk scrap for less than 1s about a week ago and I’ve profited about 80g from it by making Damask each day and selling it. The linen thing isn’t a problem, it doesn’t take much time to farm that. Even when I run out of silk I’ll be able to buy what I need for about 3-4g each day and turn it into a 10-11g bolt.

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