How to do dungeons without experience in guild wars 2?

Most people did dungeon the ’’normal’’ way at least once. But then after a while the majority of players want to speed things up. Its normal to try to make things easier, faster, more efficient, more rewarding, its in ourselves. Some people do this only for faster rewards while other do this for the fun of pushing yourself to make the best run possible (this can include your build, your group, your method, where you can skip, etc). For me and most of my guild its a mix of the two.

People label as elitist are usually those who ask for specific things to get a smooth run either for speed or simply to don’t have any problem in the dungeon. Usually they in the LFG they ask something specific like zerker only, ping gear or be kick, have more than X amount of AP, etc. Don’t only view these people in a negative ways. Like most of us they did dungeons hundred of times and had a few or a lot of negative experience with pugs. They only want to have smooth and fast run and make sure they get what they want. Some of jerk but its like you know the rest of humanity.

Under elitist, there is people that want the same things and but don’t give a crap about others people build. They also want a smooth and fast run but don’t bother to min max everythings. Usually on the LFG they ask speed runs, be experienced, etc. They usually expect you to know the path well and know most of the tricks, skip, etc. Like everywhere there is different people. Some will kick you if you don’t know what your are doing, other like me will tel you that next time don’t join a speed run if you don’t know how to speed run but will explain how if you look like a good player and listen to what i say. It also depend on how much time we have in front of us or how we are feeling today (sometime i just don’t feel like explaining).

Those two kind of post of the LFG you should avoid until you know what you enter. For you and for others. If they ask for something its their right, they took the time to write what they want, be kind enough to read and respect that. You can’t really complaint if you get kick when not reaching what was expecting of you.

But after that there is a lot of different people looking for different things. The best things you could do is either :
1) Make your own post of LFG. new player in dungeon or Looking for veteran to explain, something like that. That ways people know what they enter and what to expect.
2) Enter LFG where nothing special in description like : AC path 1 and 3. There is a chance its a speed group too lazy to write it or that just didn’t think about writing it. There is also a chance that some jerk will say something bad to you. Best way to avoid it, explain your situation at the beginning (preferably before you enter the dungeon). Say that you are new bug want to learn. After a couple run, you can say that you only did a couple of run so be patient with me, etc. That way either they kick you right away no hard feeling, they let you run with them, or best they show you more and more about the dungeon each time you enter a new run.
3) Join a guild and ask them to show you dungeon. This is by far the best option. But for some people finding the right guild can be hard, especially if you have no friend that play GW2.

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