There are many different ways to get materials in guild wars 2

There are so many profitable combines, and my bread-and-butter ones have been around for at least a solid month since I figured out how to do this. Granted, sometimes this particular combine I’m doing tonight is worth 6s per combine, and sometimes only 3s, but it’s been profitable 100% of the time for over a month, and it’s a lot more often 5-6s than only 3s.

And I’m counting the time you take buying stuff on TP. If I had eight free hours per day to do nothing but try to make money in GW2, I think I’d average 100g/day easily. Probably considerably more than that because presumably I’d get much better at making cheap guild wars 2 gold.

There are many different ways to get materials. You can put in buy orders on liquid stuff that get filled almost immediately, and if you sit there nursing the TP to keep your buy orders on top you’d get a constant supply of mats. Then there are semiliquid ones that get filled more sporadically, but the margin is higher on those. And there are illiquid combines where there’s almost no competition for the materials, and the margins are through the roof, but the products take up to several days to resell.

There are also combines where you can buy the stuff straight off of sell orders and make a 100-200% profit. But you can only do those once in a while because you have to wait for the stuff to drop more and get listed again.

If you did each day a mixture of the bread-and-butter liquid combines against competition and various less liquid but higher margin combines, I think it’s fair to call it both reliable and to quote a Xg/hour figure for it.

Also, there’s no “money shot” involved in what I do. Most I’ve ever sold anything for on the TP is about 9g. It’s all steady, smaller stuff. Every morning when I wake up and look at the market, the opportunities are always there.


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