Efficient Play/Rewards/Progression In Guild Wars 2

For those who are under a time crunch, and are having trouble achieving the things they want here’s some things I’ve picked up on.


  • The most efficient way to get from 1 to 20 is to use the Experience Scroll, which instantly gets you to level 20 if you are lower than that. Obtaining it is simple, have a character that exists for 1 year. So if you are planning on having alts and don’t yet have them, or have any empty character slots that you think could stay empty for a year you should create a character and let it set. You can also get these scrolls every 5000 achievement points.
  • From level 1 – 30 you might consider an appropriate champ chain. Currently Queensdale has one with events, which helps with fairly quick leveling. Really it’s dashing from Dynamic event to Dynamic event that makes you level somewhat quickly, the champs usually have events associated with them in Queensdale.
  • Completing your personal story will grant you about 10 levels from start to finish.
  • You can get 6 levels for under 3 gold by getting the craft profession Cooking to 400
  • You can get 6 levels for about 8 gold by getting the craft profession Artificing to 400
  • You can get 6 levels for about 8 gold by getting the craft profession Jewelcrafting to 400 (Getting the gold for these craft leveling opportunities can coincide with the Frostgorge Champ train runs, to get about 18 levels in 3 hours of farming plus the hour and a half it will take to do the crafting.
  • Build for movement speed and exploring unexplored maps, while only going after Waypoint, PoI, and Non-combat skill points can get you a level in as quick as 30 minutes from my experience. Don’t forget to utilize perma movespeed increases, swiftness, and skills like leaps and teleports. It’s better to start this after you’re level 20, assuming you have some of starter and starter boarding areas that haven’t been explored. (Mesmers and necro’s I know you’ll struggle with the movespeed, so at level 60 you can try Centaur Runes so every use of your heal skill grants you swiftness. Traveler’s and Speed runes are a more expension option as well)
  • Look for opportunities to get Tomes of Knowledge. The best opportunity I’ve seen for a solo player is solo queue pvp, you could get 5 levels from 9 straight wins because of Alliance Bag drops from winning. These are the types of opportunities I’m talking about. It may be best to hoard Tomes of knowledge in case the level cap ever increases, as using them is the most efficient way to level past level 20 and you won’t want to deal with inflated market prices of gearing up every few levels after 80.

Dailies rewards
Dailies doesn’t refer to just Daily achievements, but Dulfy has a great guide for Daily Achievemnts.

For those who can’t get on daily, you can get on every other day and still never miss daily rewards. The trick is to know how long you plan on playing, cut that time in half we’ll call this “HalfTime”. Then identify the server reset time in your timezone, this is the time when dailies reset, in the US East coast this is currently 8:00 PM EDT / 7:00 PM EST. You should start playing a “HalfTime” before the server reset time and get your dailies done. Then continue playing another “HalfTime” after server reset to get your dailies again. It’s kind of a life hack for those familar with lifehacker.com.

There are some dungeons that can be cleared extremely quickly, but the rewards are only once per day. There’s a really good site that tracks the fastest runs of dungeons. Currently it’s pretty feasible to get 300 various tokens and 5 gold in an hour just from 5 dungeon completion chests, plus the gold from drops along the way.

The most efficient way to get guild wars 2 gold is to be a master economist as the trading post provides the best opportunity to gain gold. I don’t play the trading post much or have a guide but I’m sure someone has a good guide somewhere.

Champion Train runs are probably the most efficient way to get gold for the solo player. Following the Frostgorge train for an hour will gain you 6+ gold given current market prices. If a champ train isn’t running in your server look for a full server and guest to it. Full servers usually have a perma champ train.

Dungeon running is mentioned above and with a bit of practice/experience can feasibly get you 5+ gold per hour plus tokens. Optimally you’re looking at over 10 gold an hour, but you can only do this once per day. Twice if you play on both ends of the server reset as suggested for those who can only play limited days.

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