Guild Wars 2 New to the Dungeon Scene

Welcome to level 80! You made a good choice picking warrior. They’re an incredibly solid class for dungeons. The dungeons can be challenging or they can be very easy, depending on your group comp, and the skill and gear of the players. Most people I’ve noticed in pugs have patience for noobs, AS LONG as you let them know you’re new in the beginning of a dungeon. Some people are kittens and will immediately kick you, but if that happens, just keep trying. Or, you can look up a dungeon guide before you actually join a group so you have an idea of what’s going to happen. Maybe even watch a few videos. I’d highly recommend finding a good guild you can run dungeons with without feeling pressured.

As a warrior, your responsibilities will be supplying your group with fury, might, and banners. The most common banners people bring to a dungeon group is strength and discipline. You will also bring “For Great Justice!” to supply your group with might and fury. If you’re the only warrior, bring both strength and discipline, and in the beginning of the dungeon, ask the group who’s going to carry your second banner. Make sure someone is carrying your second banner from fight to fight since you can’t carry both.

Depending on how much gw2 gold you have, I’d buy exotics right off the bat. I wouldn’t recommend buying rares. If you can’t afford that, just buy greens and do dungeons and different gold making methods like champ farming and open world events to make gold. You can also buy gear with dungeons tokens. Do dungeons where you can get berserker gear. I would recommend CoF paths 1 and 2 and CoE all paths since they’re pretty easy and pugs don’t usually fail at them.

You don’t have to do story mode to enter explorable mode. Someone who’s done story mode can open the explorable dungeon for everyone else, so I wouldn’t worry about story modes unless you want your dungeon master title or you’re interested in the lore of the dungeons. Some of them are pretty interesting. SE story is probably my favorite. I actually have a bit more fun in story mode than I do in most explorables.

Yes, there are a few consumables. I would recommend buying dragon’s breath buns candied dragon rolls, and slayer potions. Use them all the time. The foods are cheap enough that you can use them constantly. Use dragon’s breath if you’re going to be killing mobs constantly to take advantage of the proc, and use candied dragon rolls otherwise.

If you watch dungeon videos, you can probably get away with faking it. Unless someone asks if anyone hasn’t done it before, then I would absolutely not lie about it.You can pretty much jump into any dungeon. I would say they’re all very comparable in terms of difficulty except Arah. Fractals of the Mists also begins to get challenging at around scale 20.

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