How to make money as a solo player?

Anyway, I want to correct my gold shortage now and I’m seeking the best ways to do it. I’ve heard that dungeons give you a lot of gold, but I play this game solo 99% of the time, so I’d rather not have to rely on those if I can avoid it. Plus people who run dungeons generally are not noob-friendly, and most dungeons I have little experience with so I’d get kicked out of most groups. This is not to say that I’ll never run a dungeon or anything, I would just prefer a solo solution.

I’ve already figured out that killing things and selling their stuff on the TP (as opposed to in-game vendors) is a good start, and completing events and hearts are things I’m prone to doing anyway. But surely there are some tips & tricks that solo players utilize to maximize their gold gain…

Harathi Hinterlands is fantastic for solo play. I solo the event chain from the start up until Ulgoth spawns and sometimes a few people show up at that point to help out. But generally the entire chain is more fun alone so it is good nobody goes there on my server. End up with full bags and 6 champ loots. If some help on Ulgoth then you have your boss and bonus chest as well. Sometimes only one other person shows so we 2-man Ulgoth. Usually deaths are involved, but it’s so much fun! Generally can run the whole chain from start to Ulgoth in 30-45 minutes solo.

If you let Ulgoth’s timer expire then the centaurs regroup and push in on the last camp. Defend this camp and you get another run at all of the pre-Ulgoth events of 4 champs and a ton of centaur waves, which means tons of loot. Let Ulgoth’s timer expire again and use that time to empty bags. Then defend the camp again and do the run to Ulgoth again to get 4 more champ bags and full bags of loot. Can start from the defend the last camp stage about ever 30 minutes or so. Each defend to Ulgoth gets between 3 and 6 gold worth of loot (mats, junk loot) and usually 1-4 rares with 124% MF, as well as 80-120 supply bags. Usually enough time to clean bags before the next assault starts…usually.

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