Guild Wars 2 Weapon Combinations And Preferred Traits

I’ve been trying to level my Mesmer and it seems like it’s even harder post-patch with less traits than it had been before! I love the idea and aesthetics of mesmers so I would love to play one at 80, but getting there is really rough. So, I’m wondering if there’s something I’m doing wrong.

My issue is this: when I’m traited into power and precision, it feels like it takes forever for mobs to die! I am currently level 43, using a staff/greatsword combo, and now I have put my (only 3) trait points into my illusions to see if I would have more luck there. I’ve been playing around with my limited traits a lot to see what I can make happen. Things don’t die very fast at all, or I die very fast
Put your first two points into Chaos (V) and the next two into Inspiration (swap between IV and VI). During leveling without the proper gear a power build won’t increase your direct damage significantly. Better make yourself and your illusions less squishy. Chaos V lets your Illusions distribute conditions when they are killed, which they will be pretty often and fast. Use Inspiration IV to remove two Conditions every time you heal. Swap to VI when you expect to fight a champ, or a larger group of mobs.

You can still use GS and Staff. When you get better gear with higher stats, put 4 points into Domination for III and X and the last points in Chaos X and Illusions III and VII.
This would be a hybrid condition/direct damage build: 4/0/4/2/4.

I’m currently leveling a Mesmer with this build, lvl 75 atm. Usually I open with iBerserker followed by a Mirror Blade clone, then I swap to Staff and summon a Phase Retreat clone or the iWarlock. Some fights are easier to survive with Staff only, and always try to keep circling around too, if possible. If you still have trouble in fights also eat some food that increases your stats like vitality, power or precision or condition damage.
For slotted skills I use: Signet of the Ether, Mirror Images, Signet of Domination, Signet of Inspiration and Warband Support (Charr Elite). Swap the skills for the one which suit you the most or are available to you.

Compaired to other professions the mobs will die slowly, regardless if you use GS direct damage or Staff condition damage – but you will survive most of the fights. The last time I died was in Dredgehaunt Cliffs on my way up to the vista in the mine, ignoring the dredges on the way, who all followed me. 8 dredges, one vet and a turret were too much.

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