Guild Wars 2:Guild Crafting Service

Currently i feel as though crafting Legendary and ascended items is a bit overly complicated and unnecassarily time consuming. Some will say it is so that when you complete it you will feel as though you earned it or that the effort itself feels legendary. I wholeheartedly disagree. Should it take time? Sure! Should it require you to engege in different aspects of the game and visit different areas? Absolutely! Should it make you feel like its a terrible burden? No!

I’m a little over halfway through making my first legendary and i already dont feel like its legendary or special anymore. The only feeling i have about it is: unnecassary. I just cant feel anything other than that. I didnt even know that it was an emotion.I’m going for it because of the convenience of stat swapping as well as the agony resist slot it will provide as waiting on ascended drops is just insane as RNG is a friend of no one.

I also feel as though being in a guild is really just another chat to read. Yes, talking with friends and coordinating guild mates is awesome. Guild mission and rewards is great! Guild boosts are nifty. In the end, though, i think guilds could play a larger role in the game and have more practical functionallity.

To tie both of these together I propose a guild crafting function to ease the horrible pain that is The Legendary grind. Maybe for every ten ore i gather one ore is donated to the guild crafting service(GCS) to help others either build up their crafting or to help them build their legendaries and ascended gear. Maybe for every 20 lodestones i loot one is placed into the GCS. For every 50 ingots i make one goes int the GCS.

Obviously, this is just me spitting out ideas and i am sure, like a great deal of people, i will have complete sets of legs and ascended gear before anything remotely useful is implemented to help with the conviluted gear crafting grind. However, i would really like to not see others in the future experience this overwhelming torment.

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