Cheapest Crafts to level 1-400 In Guild Wars 2

Artificing is really that cheap, or did you already have a lot of the mats to help you along the way? I was debating leveling it to make my staffs since the markup on a crafted 80 exo staff (vs the materials needed) is a few g’s and I need to make two, so if I can save 4-5gs and get it to 400 at the same time that would be great.

Artificing is hella easy. Costs 1 gw2 gold if you do it right. Here’s how:
1. Make tuning crystals at each level until you don’t get xp for it and then merch them. You can usually get a better price then what you pay on dust on the TP (usually i made 1 cp or break even).
2. When you aren’t getting xp for tuning crystals make potions of centaur slaying. When this stops giving you xp make potions of dredge or ogre slaying.
3. This may seem redundant but at any point that you can make xp for it make tuning crystals. They are the cheapest way to level.
4. You cannot use potions to get from 390 to 400. As such you have to use the discovery system (like you would for most other crafts). You should be able to do it in 3-4 discoverys of rare top tier items. Most of these merch for about the same as materials.

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