WvW Longbow Ranger Roaming In Guild Wars 2

Going even further with the changes Prysin suggested, build a bit more toughness if your plan to roam on your ranger. You die if someone breathes on you. A burst heal may suit your playstyle better. While you do get the jump on most people you show us, that may not always be the case.

The fights you have shown in the vids look to me to be mostly one sided where some others jump into the fight near the end (granted you are on a T1 server and solo fights are hard to find). Instead of cutting your video up, why not run a fast-forward between fights when you’re out for a routine run?

To maintain crit damage, you could swap trinkets for Valkyrie’s or Cavalier’s. While this hurts your crit chance in a way, I believe your survivability will increase tremendously. Currently, with the full zerk build Prysin proposed, that’s a 65% crit chance before fury. Add fury and your’re at 85% making crits happen almost all the time.

Don’t hesitate to Swoop away if someone comes after you. Just flee. If they stop chasing, turn back too. The worst that could happen is that you kept each other out of the battle for a bit. You may have to pop all your emergency measures while fleeing, but you’ll rarely die: Point Blank Shot(knockback), Hunter’s Shot(stealth), Protect Me(invulnerability), 2xdodge, Rampage as One(stability+swiftness), Swoop(leap), Counterattack(block), Signet of Renewal(condition removal), Nature’s Protection(protection on being hit), Polar Bear F2 (AoE Chill), Wolf F2 (AoE Fear), Heal as One.

But there is no safety as safe as keeping your 1500+ range distance. Be careful with Barrage, because it forces you to stand closer to the battle and it will root you in place for a few seconds.

There are more versatile classes for zerg combat, but it’s fun and you certainly aren’t worthless if you can keep yourself alive. You’ll feel safe out-ranging everyone, but you should always be on toes because it could all be over within seconds.Read the Wind + Eagle Eye is the core of the build. If you don’t use these, it’s not the same type of build by a long shot.

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