Why rangers tend to get kicked in Guild Wars 2

Want to know why rangers tend to get kicked? At least with groups I play with…. It is because you don’t know how to control your pet. Pet 101 should be part of the personal story for rangers.
1.) Go afk while pet attacks mob….. party needs to res, but your pet is in combat with mob umpteen miles away while you are nowhere to be found.

2.) Don’t know when to leash your pet. Unnecessary aggro or screwing with stacking. I prefer not to take a ranger to COE, as they will 99% of the time either aggro the giant after the laser/door blast, or muck with the stacking against subject alpha, causing his aoe to go into hyperactive megadeath mode.

3.) Abusive knockback. Not limited to rangers, but they seem to care less about melee members. It is like a game… how long can I make the players chase the mob?

4.) WoW transfers. Ranger is not Hunter from WoW. Too many think this and play with that mentality.

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