Guild Wars 2:Character Scaling – Event Scaling

Since the update of April 15th, the big trait patch that also brought us the changes to critical damage, i noticed that, even more so then before, characters of level 80, or at least 10 levels above the range of an area, seem to be so powerful that you have to fear them actually.

This may sound strange, stupid even, to some but hear me out.If you go into a lower area with a character that has his equipment on top of the line for his level you are more powerful, this is most noteable in the starter areas but it doesn’t stop there, it gets blurry about level 50 or 60 when most people have rare equipment already, but before that it’s a bit dicey.I would love to see that the character scaling for when people go into a lower area gets a bit more severe, it shouldn’t be that veterans fall with kittens or less, and yes, i’ve seen this more than once.

The thing is, higher characters are more powerful than the ones in lower levels already, they have most of their skills, better equipment (having three stats instead of one or two really makes a difference) and of course, they have their traits and they don’t lose ’em when getting leveled down.

Still, this isn’t the only problem with the system, don’t get me wrong, i still like this game and this is why all of this concerns me so much.The other problem is actually that many events scale extremely weird. Some scale pretty harsh, going up in difficulty or at least time investet with just four to five players near them, other’s don’t seem to change at all no matter how many players there are.And of course, enemies. I would love to see at least the enemy scaling in events changed, putting a level or two on them if there are twenty+ players around an event isn’t really doing much.

Honestly i feel like veterans should be more frequent if you get to a certain amount of players, buffs should also play a bigger role.I may sound downright crazy saying this but it would be nice if enemies, at least in events, get pushed into the holy trinity with healers, tanks and dd’s, at least, as said before, after a certain amount of players is reached.
Ulgoth’s pre-events would be a perfect example of how little the current eventscaling actually does while some events in Orr show how it can be done right, even if the later means that a lot of the time the standard build of “Deal damage without regard of your surroundings” gets pushed into the dirt face forward.

Actually…that’s what i would like to see more often because at it is there is little to no reason to play with others.Sure, you run into events and see other players there but be honest: How often do you play with them, how often do you really see someone with more supportive skills instead of just signets or other equivalents of “ego”-skills.At the moment you may not play against other players in PvE, but you don’t actually play with them either…

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