Guild Wars 2 Gold Guru Salvage Kit Trading Post Strategy

Like most, this Trading Post strategy was born out of curiosity. All the trading post strategies I’ve tried up to this point have been long term strategies. I have always been more drawn to long term and passive investments that can make me gw2 gold offline. This time I wanted to try a Trading Post strategy that I could use to turn immediate profit. So, the question; can you take salvage kits to the trading post and somehow turn a profit? Naturally I pulled out Kornuit’s Flipster tool and I set out to prove if it could be done, and more importantly, to see if it is even worth it.

Going into this I figured a couple factors would come into play. The first issue I was faced with was which salvage kit to try and test it on. The cost of the salvage kit will obviously have to be calculated into the expenses for said strategy. Long story short, I settled with the Basic Salvage kits. Since I wanted to perform my initial tests on low cost armor pieces I figured I didn’t have to put much silver into more expensive kits. With the basic salvage kits I was paying 4 copper a kit which seemed acceptable.

The next issue I foresaw with this strategy was Anet’s need for balancing. Like any gold-making method in Guild Wars 2, you will see Anet’s anti-gold-farming hands in everything. My fear was that they knew someone would come along on the Trading Post and try to do what I am doing with salvage kits. Because of this, they would have nerfed what you get from salvaging a long time ago to kill any chances of TP profit. This is always a possibility with any TP strategy that has a “gambling element” to it. Perfect example would be the Loot Bag strategy a tried a while back, but in that case it worked perfectly.Guild Wars 2 Salvage Kit Trading Post Strategy

Enough talk though, here are my results on the tests I’ve run so far:

Rawhide Bracers x5: -55c (items) -20c (kits) +1s8c (sold components) = 17c (profit after TP share) +22.4%

Rawhide Masks x5: -70c (items) -20c (kits) +78c (sold components) = -24c (lose after TP share)

Rawhide Shoulders x5: -85c (items) -20c (kits) +1s21c (sold components) = -2c (lose after TP share) -2%

Apprentice Coat x5: -1s50c (items) -20c (kits) +3s21c (sold components) = 1s3c (profit after TP share) +60.5%

Apprentice Coat x25: -8s80c (items) -1s (kits) +15s22c (sold components) = 3s12c (profit after TP share) +20.5%

According to my tests so far there is some promise here. In my next episode of Gold Guru I’ll try and take it to the next step with some more higher end equipment. What about equipment with runes? Would the kits pull enough off of the higher end stuff and potentially increase that speedy profit? Honestly I have no clue, but I’m willing to test it for myself next week. I’ll keep you all posted on Twitter and Facebook. If you make it to the trading post before I do and want to try it for yourself, let us know in the comments below if you find any success, or if you meet with utter failure. We’d be very interested to know, and besides, by sharing our experiences with each other here on the site we all stand to grow a little richer.

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