Guild Wars 2 Dragons, Leylines And Failing Waypoints

  • Elder Dragons are the cause of the leylines. (main point)
  • Waypoints work better on leylines (but a leyline is not a requirement).
  • Mordremoth’s awakening is shutting off the leyline between Maguuma and LA.
  • The shutting down of the leyline is shutting down the flow of magic, thus making waypoints flicker.

The leylines.. Those magical rivers of magic…
Where do they come from?
Why are they there?

When we defeated Scarlet on the breachmaker, we got a clip showing the breachmaker hitting a leyline hub. Then it reacted and the reaction went all the way back to what we assume is Mordremoth.Why would the leyline lead to Mordremoth?

The elder dragons wake up and destroy stuff and eat magic and then go to sleep and then they leak magic back into the world and that happens in cycles.

So when they sleep, they do not eat. Thus Mordremoth has no reason to fall asleep on a leyline to eat magic in his sleep. Instead Mordremoth leaks magic in his sleep. And conveniently enough this leakage coincide with a leyline. I sure wouldn’t deliberately fall asleep on something that would draw magic from me if I was an elder dragon.

It would mean that each leyline connects to a dragon, as has been shown in maps mapping scarlet’s thumpers that were placed on or near leylines to search for hubs.

In the durmand priory, there is a book that states that waypoints function at some places better than others and at some places they just don’t work at all. It could be assumed that magical places, for example on top of leylines, work well since they then can draw magic from them.

After Mordremoth’s awakening, waypoints have started to flicker between LA and Maguuma, also including parts of Timberline Falls. This hints that they are not getting the amount of magic that they need.

Then why did hitting the leyline awaken Mordremoth?
Hitting the leyline, like hitting a pond of water, created a ripple that was so great that it traveled all the way back to mordremoth, feeding him with magic and giving him a taste for magic so that he would awaken either by the shock or his hunger.
Scarlet needed a large collection of leyline stuff / a leyline hub and a very enourmous machine to create a ripple so large and that’s why she was searching for a leyline hub even though she, at Prosperity shows signs of already having found and studied a leyline.

So with this I draw the conclusion in the TL;DR section above.

But then why are the dragons leaking in leylines and not pools around themselves? – It might be leaked in a pool but the pressure forces it forwards. Or there might be something under the Shiverpeaks that’s actually drawing it in.
Why did Scarlet probe towards the dragon brand? – Could be that scarlet didn’t know that Kralkatorrik came from the north or the devs might have forgotten it at that point in time.

Other dragons are awake, why did Scarlet probe their leylines? Waypoints not flickering? – The leylines probably won’t cease to exist because the dragon wakes up, they will just stop getting an input flow. Thus the leylines are still there and that’s why for example Scarlet still probed them. The waypoints were likely placed after the awakening of the dragons, thus they could place them on places that didn’t need a flow of magic from leylines.

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