Ranger Sustained Damage In Guild Wars 2

I think the evade would be great even for new players because it would provide them with a clear function of what “Return to Me” can be used for, other than de-aggro.It doesn’t necessarily add to the skill required to play ranger well, rather, I believe that it would add another dynamic to pet management as a natural extension of what is already in place.

Ranger sword is… Ranger sword. It loses out to warrior axe in terms of sustained damage while the Axe still has a large burst. The evades are rather finicky to use on sword as well- I find that between the leaps and precast time, hornet sting is fairly unreliable at best, while viper’s strike is not usually reliable for repositioning (its a good spot evade though!)

There at some good strategies with swapping to greatsword for evade, but they feel really forced.Axe is interesting. It has really nice damage if you can bounce it between two enemies, and the weakness+chill on 3 is amazing. At the same time, if the damage is buffed, then the maximum potential of 2 hits on one enemy gains double the buff, and becomes that much stronger. It’s something to consider for sure- however, I find that axe already excels in certain situations.

You did bring up the damage coefficients, which I totally forgot about- increasing those rather than base damage would help immensely. With the relatively low damage coefficients on weapons, and pet damage that does not scale with gear, rangers get less stats from improving gear than other classes.Thing about sustained damage is that every class, with every weapon, does sustained damage. It’s called auto attack. That’s why it’s absolute madness to say the Ranger is supposed to be the king of sustained damage because that is saying the Ranger will never be a burst damage class…. I know that Rangers can do a little burst with the gs + signets + buffs. I can do a lot more “sustained” damage with my zerker warrior and axes with a good f1 burst + utility (I forget the name of it in a moment) than my Ranger could ever hope to achieve.

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