Guild Wars 2 Warrior WvW Roaming Suggestions

I’ve recently enjoyed roaming in WvW a lot in small groups, with the guild. and sometimes alone. Huge zergs aren’t really my thing and i prefer picking off those people that get left behind or the people also running around looking for strays! Oh the enjoyment. Anyways back to the topic; I run a gs/hammer, full zerk +scholar runes, however I don’t know what type of runes I should add to my weapons/armor. I also run 4/0/4/2/4 traits for a very sustainable 1v1 fights however i usually lose against 2v1 which I kinda find depressing. I want to know how to be able to vs a 5 man group(hoping to win/dominate of course). I was inspired by montages of how other warriors managed to down others by skill/tactics. My problem is either i need to improve my build and armor or improve my skills. Any suggestions?

Find a build you feel comfortable with generally, and tweak it to what you find you need to play how you want.

Personally I flick between GS+Sw/sh with knight or cav+zerk trinkets and Axe/Shield zerker. However I’m feeling the pull of the dark side (warr condi build) lately…
My Sword build is tankier as I need to be able to take the dmg when comboing as I obviously can’t move. But is hypermobile to jump to all corners of a fight to mitigate damage and spread/lead enemies where is beneficial for me and anyone else around me.

Axe is more damage oriented as I can choose when to burst with a bit more freedom. both work well but axe is more suited to dueling in my experience due to the increased burst and lessened mobility, as I tend to try and get kills wherever I see them so this means separating players from groups if theyre silly enough to follow. Also I love mobility and sword/shield kind of setups, so I made a build that works.

Take info you find applicable to you as a player from the forums and adapt a build. Theres plenty of premades out there already so start with one of those and see how you get on. Pick a style/weapon set you enjoy and practice it, and adapt it for how you want to play.

And you can’t go wrong with stances in WvW either, really useful for fighting outnumbered.

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