Guild Wars 2:Fire Elementalist PvE Build

More and more players are using the Elementalist profession in GW2, and tend to make their builds all about Earth or Air magic for leveling in PvE. However we have found that Fire magic is usually the better choice. In today’s build we construct a strong Elementalist focusing primarily on Fire to get burns and bleeds maxed and also a bit in Earth magic to gain valuable defensive capabilities.

NOTE: The image above represents the final outcome of this build at level 80. This is what you are going to be working toward. Down below we discuss what trait trees to fill out first, which weapons to use and which skills to grab as you are leveling your Elementalist via PvE.


The Ele is only capable of carrying one weapon set. This makes it seem like this class is limited but in reality the Elementalist has more weapon skills than any other class simply because you can alternate between the 4 elements and have an array of abilities at your disposal. For this build we elected to go with the Scepter and Focus weapon combination. This is because we wanted to focus the entirety of this build on Fire magic and these weapons provide great skills that inflict burning and flame damage.

Slot Skills to Use

Down below we have listed the skills we suggest to pick up for your healing, slot and elite skills. These can be played around with to further customize the build but the ones below are what we have found to work well with this Elementalist build.

Healing – Signet of Restoration (while passive this signet provides health each time you cast a spell, while active it provides a healthy dose of healing)

Slot 1 – Signet of Fire (an obvious choice for this build; inflicts 9 seconds of burning damage to enemies, improves crit chances while passive)

Slot 2 – Glyph of Elemental Power (provides player with a chance to inflict 3 seconds of burning while using the Fire attunement skills)

Slot 3 – Cleansing Fire (another obvious choice; uses a cantrip the gets rid of 3 conditions on the player, breaks any stuns and also causes burning to nearby enemies)

Elite Slot – Glyph of Elementals (summons a Fire elemental for 60 seconds that deals damage to enemies)

Trait Point Assignments

In which you assign your trait points is essential for just about any build. Here we outline wherever to place your points, when you should complete each trait tree and just what abilities you ought to be obtaining on the way. Let’s get right to it.

Fire Miracle Tree

This is when we would have liked to concentrate probably the most with this build as it is a fireplace miracle build. You’ll eventually wish to have a complete 30 points here. But with regard to progressing we recommend adding suggests this tree and also the Earth miracle tree 50/50 while you progress until they’re both chock-full. Adding 30 suggests Fire provides you with 300 for your energy and 30% longer duration for those condition based attacks.

Skill smart you’ll wish to grab Lava Tomb (produces a lava-fire based attack once your player is downed), Ember’s Might (provides you with an added bonus of 5% harm to burning opponents, very helpful with this build) and Pyromancer’s Alacrity (gives your fire skill replenish speeds a 20% boost). Another abilities you unlock naturally within this tree will also be useful for example Flame Barrier (20% opportunity to cause burning on opponents which use melee based attacks you) and Burning Rage (gives yet another 5% bonus in harm to burning opponents).

Earth Miracle Tree

The second most significant trait tree to fill for that Elementalist may be the Earth miracle tree. Why? Because, regrettably, the Ele isn’t given much health of defense as they are. So, you have to increase your toughness to have the ability to survive for extended amounts of time. Giving our planet tree the entire 30 points adds 300 to toughness as well as provides a bonus 300 suggests your problem damage.

The abilities we chose within this tree are mainly for defense. Get Earth’s Embrace (gives you additional armor when you are getting lower to 50% health), Geomancer’s Alacrity (enables all Earth abilities to recharge 20% faster) and yet another abilities you receive naturally work to your benefit too for example Stone Flesh which adds toughness according to your level.

Water Miracle Tree

Our final 10 points we made the decision to assign towards the Water miracle trait tree. It was only to gain the additional 100 points for healing and vitality. Water attunement can be useful for healing capabilities but we don?ˉt utilize it much beyond that with this Elementalist build.

Suggested Armor

Since the Elementalist is among the squishiest classes in GW2 you?ˉll wish to increase your defense and healing above all else together with your armor and armor upgrade pieces. It’s better to find pieces which have Energy, Toughness and Healing characteristics. Among the best sets with this is armor using the ‘Cleric’s title mounted on it. It’s not insanely costly and usually readily available for nearly any level which means you should have the ability to obtain a full set at any time while progressing.

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