Guild Wars 2 Stacking

I decided to write this post to express my opinion about the biggest flaw that destroys GW2.I will try to describe it in as few words as possible.The biggest GW2 problem is stacking.

You designed a mechanics that requires dynamic combat, dodging, movement and evades. You build everything around it. You promoted the game as being something truly new (and it is).

Why did you then decided to destroy this mechanics by allowing players to stack “on one pixel”. Why did you destroy everything that you have achieved by letting players sit on one spot, just around the corner, dropping guardian wall and hitting keys at random? Have you not seen how majority of ppl do dungeons? Stack wherever you can and bring the might!Due to this, playing GW2 became tedious. We mostly watch the closest wall and millions of lights blinding us when we all use our skills when we literally sit on one pixel.There is no positioning (apart from gathering on one pixel), no movement, no dynamic. Thus playing PvE requires almost no skill at all.

What I would like to see to change this state?

A solution that punishes stacking. If players are stacked for longer periods of time, mobs should hit 2x stronger and bosses 10x stronger. By stacking I mean 3 players at least (to avoid problems with reviving, if my friend is down I can resurrect him safely, but when someone else tries to do it at the same time we would be punished). I would like to see real, dynamic combat. All dungeons are instances. You can make normal and hard mode so that less skilled and less experienced players can play dungeons as they are now. And those who desire more would try hard mode were stacking is severely punished and where you actually have dynamic combat.

What do you people think about that? I would like to hear your opinion. Are you bored with current combat mechanics?

Better is to examine the reasons which cause people to stack, and then try to change that. In PvE it’s mostly to do with needing to be close to share buffs, LoSing opponents, and being together makes it easier to focus down targets together, and finally melee DPS being the best DPS and so naturally everyone is going to be meleeing and thus be up close together anyway.

Most of those are hard to change, but they certainly could (and IMO should) make the range of buffing skills MUCH greater to players in your party. Maybe as much as 2000-2500 range. This would allow people to spread out whilst not missing out on group buffs.
They could also try things like giving more NPCs cleaving / AoE on their general attacks rather than just on big dodgable attacks, or give NPCs big attacks which function like the Sky Hammer does (being un-evadable) which will force people out of their spot and to move around the room, rather than just evading it.

In general though I am not in favour of mechanics which actively push people apart, since this is meant to be a team based game, not 5 individuals runing about trying to avoid eachother.

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