Guild Wars 2 Living Story Needs Tragedy

Yep that’s right, tragedy. Every truly great story has some sort of tragedy that allowed it to relate to the audience. The Living Story as of now has some tragedy, but not anything that really shocks us or affects us on a deeper level.

Some people are advocating the death of Trahearne, Pale Tree, Queen Jennah ect; however this would be the wrong course of action, killing off hated or only semi lovable characters does little in the sense of effective character kill off.

I think the best thing to do during the next season of LS, is to truly build up the characters of Marjory, Kasmeer, Braham, Taimi, and Rox. Then at the end of the season, take two compatible characters that are closer than the others……then kill one off.

Here is where it needs to change, the PC needs to decide which one dies and which one lives. For example, Kasmeer and Marjory are split up and are fighting enemy forces, you only have time to rescue one and both know gw2 gold us.

What I’m trying to get at here, is that the story needs to have a bit more darkness in it. Everything seems to be going fine for DE 2.0 but in a world being torn apart by dragons that cant be the reality of the situation much longer if the LS wants to stay believable and immersive. I also think its crucial that the PC decides the fate of the teammates and not a one track dialogue where Kasmeer is the one to die in everyone’s story. If you want to make the options of the two characters static that’s fine, but its important that the PC is involved in the development of the LS.

In the end I just feel its necessary to make the LS a little darker, and killing a NPC no one cares about isn’t going to cut it. The original DE lost Snaff to a dragon, and it made for an interesting story as the guild tried to heal itself of his loss. I don’t mean that the PC group needs to fall apart, but it needs to be shaken up.

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