Precursor At 10 Or 15k Ap In Guild Wars 2

This is a simple idea I had last night. What if the achievement chests at 10k or 15k achievement points held a ticket (possibly replacing some other item in the chest) that you could redeem (say, at Miyani) for an account-bund Precursor of your choice? For those who have already passed the goal, the ticket could be mailed to them. Every 10 or 15k achievement points, the chest would have another precursor ticket.

This solves a few issues:

1. It still requires a lot of work. You don’t just decide to farm that many achievement points, you have to work at it and it will take a good mount of time, even at the highest rate.

2. It lets you have a definite goal to work toward and make progress. Right now, you either never make progress (mystic forge, drops) or the goal keeps shifting (precursor prices on the TP). You never know when you will get to reach your goal, which makes it much more annoying than it has to be. Having a set-in-stone goal makes gw2 gold us you can properly earn.

3. There’s little chance of flooding the market. Only about 10% of the populace has even reached 10k AP, and even fewer have reached 15k. While precursor prices would most likely drop at the time this would be implemented, they would soon stabilize and rise again.

4. It does not cheapen the experience for those who have already gotten a legendary. A lot of work goes into earning that many achievement points, and the existing methods would probably be easier or faster to accomplish.

Thoughts on this idea? I’m personally leaning toward 15k AP being the target number to keep them rarer (and I still have to reach that goal myself).

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