How is Elementalist in PvP?

For sPvP, Ele is actually in a pretty good spot, in terms of tiers and power level!

Double dagger Celestial Ele is very strong and is either Meta or very near meta. You run 6 Arcana for Renewing Stamina, Elemental Attunement, and Evasive Arcana. You then take 6 in Water to ger MASSIVE AoE heals, and take Cantrip Mastery/Soothing Wave, Cleansing Wave, and Cleansing Water. Take 2 in Earth for Elemental Shielding. Celestial+Strength Rune+Battle Sigil+Doom Sigil. High team support with lots of boons, cleanses, healing, and might stacking.

Staff Ele can be run as a sort of pseudo-healer character. You play with a very similar trait array as the D/D Celestial build, taking Earth’s Embrace and Blasting Staff instead. Cleric’s amulet makes gw2 gold eu, and the precious Water fields you put down can be coordinated to further sustain. You have great AoE CC. Take Energy Sigil and Renewal Sigil. Runes can be Monk, Dwayna, or Water.

Scepter is generally run as a Fresh Air burst build. Look up Zoose’s S/F guide on youtube. You basically take 30 in Air for Fresh Air and 30 Arcana for lots of attunement swapping and Evasive Arcana.

The thing about Ele, however, as you might notice from these builds, is that their PvP builds are generally:
-30 in Arcana taking Elemental Attunement and Evasive Arcana
-At least 2 Cantrips

Mind you, most classes have trait lines that they’re stuck to in any game mode, so this isn’t a problem unique to the Ele. However, the Ele is indeed quite viable in sPvP, and very strong for its ability to play:
-A burst DPS class (Scepter Zerker Fresh Air)
-A healer (Cleric’s Staff)
-A sustained jack-of-all-trades (Celestial Daggers)

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