Wwhich Class For My Asura In Guild Wars 2

I have MULTIPLE 80’s of every class, but no Asura. Unfortunately, most of my toons are fat, over-sized Bookahs, but recently I’ve been shown the light, and now I want to join the Asura master race!

Problem is, which class? I could roll pretty much anything.

Preferably, I want to play something specializing in:
– Storyline and immersion
– World exploration
– Open world events and farming

If possible too, I would like a lore explanation why this is an immersive choice.And which college and invention would be fitting as well?

Any of them will do…but man, my female asura Ele is beyond fun to watch. Those wild and wacky animations look so much more vibrant and bouncy with the asura. Asura + Lightning Hammer = awesome.An asura necro, my god how much more cute can it get when they DS? This little tiny thing saying that she is death incarnate, I squee every time. And the asura gets lost in the middle of a walking army of minions.

Asura mesmer is adorable. If you like looking at one, you will love looking at 3 more copies. I am not sure how many others like the animation but I like way the asura uses the GS, it’s different from the other races.An asura ranger, while racially odd, I find is so much fun to run around as. The pet is as big/if not bigger than you are. Sure, most asura don’t play with the animals, but I like to think of mine as a scientist studying the wildlife and making cheap gw2 gold do her bidding.

Asura fit right into being a thief, small of stature and most like to get themselves into trouble. The racial dagger idle animation is awesome!Asura engi are the only ones that the hobo sacks really look cute with. Also, having one run around with a flamethrower burning ALL TEH THINGS is so much fun!I don’t play the heavies but hey, knocking around bigger norn/charr with a hammer should be amusing too.

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