What’s Balance Team Doing Utilizing Their In Time Guild Wars 2

Indistinguishable from an experienced player who’s played the build for a long time? Where’s your proof of this? I have never seen a guy pick up a build and beat the person who pioneered said playstyle with only ‘a few hours in pvp.’ Never.

Yeah, ‘meta’ (I wish people would stop using this term) builds are strong. They’re prevalent for a reason. Effectiveness. People are always actively seeking out the most efficient build or playstyle in any competitive game. Any. Competitive. Game. Efficiency is king. That does not make gw2 gold us. People are always going to embrace the most efficient build.

I actually prefer for developers to let dust settle before changes are made. It allows the community to come up with effective strategies for beating popular characters and builds and often times it’s because of this that strategies or characters/classes fall in and out of favor.

When Marvel vs Capcom 3 came out everybody whined about Sentinel, they thought he was too good because at a very base level he is good. He’s hearty, does big damage, and is simple to play. People flocked to him. Good players actively developed strategies to beat him, bad players whined about it. Capcom immediately answers the whiners with a gigantic nerf to the character; Shortly thereafter the strategies the good players developed started leaking. So now you have all these strategies versus a nerfed character which renders said character almost useless. That’s kittening awful balancing. Capcom screwed the pooch.

You have to let things simmer. Look at Street Fighter IV, look at Starcraft II, look at the Tekken games. Those games have long periods between big balancing changes for a reason. Sometimes it takes the next game in the series, but they aren’t MMO’s so that’s not as big of a deal.

Guild Wars 2 is not on that level of balance, I am not saying that. It won’t be because it’s an RPG with way too much customization. I am saying that ANet’s infrequent patch model is a better way of balancing than knee-jerk changes. So far they’ve made a fairly well balanced RPG. That’s kittening hard to do.

Would I like to see more changes? Yes, sure. That’s exciting. It’s always fun seeing classes get new things, but I understand that that’s just not how game balance should be handled.

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