World Completion And Wvw Maps In Guild Wars 2

I do not enjoy WvW, so when i figured out i needed to complete those maps for world completion it was very disheartening; However i jumped into the maps with determination and ran many suicide runs to claim map points. The suicide runs and many, many deaths at the hands of blood thirsty enemy hordes did pay off, and now i am stuck at 99%. The map points i have left to raise that 99% to 100% are stuck behind enemy walls, that i have no chance of taking out solo; and the zergs for my server never seem to run to those places, leaving me with little hope of ever getting that 100% world completion. Maybe if i had 24/7 to devote to WvW and the game in general, i would be on at a time where that zerg is attacking and taking over that point i need, but sadly i do not have that kind of free time.

So i wanted to make a suggestion, an idea a friend of mine thought of as we laid dead in WvW surrounded by enemies, trying to come up with a viable plan to capture the map point we just got slaughtered so close to. He suggested that maybe Anet makes a white flag with a chicken on it that a character could carry in WvW maps (or maybe it turns the player into a chicken carrying a white flag), to let other players know they do not want to fight. However i do know some people in game that even if you are carrying a white flag would still kill you, so, maybe the flag makes the character unable to be attacked and unable to attack, it will also have to grant the player the ability to enter enemy held locations. Now i can see where maybe someone would use, the ability to enter enemy locations for gw2 gold, a bunch of people with white flags enter an enemy location and then drop the white flag and attack, so there would have to be something to prevent that from happening. Maybe a prevention measure can be once activated in WvW it stays active and unable to be removed until you leave WvW, maybe it is 1 time use and its on a timer.

At this point if there was something i could buy in the Gem Store that would help me finish these WvW maps and get my 100%, i would buy it without a second thought. I also feel that other PVE players who want world completion would also buy something to help them get through the WvW maps. Some people love WvW and others do not, forcing the people that do not love WvW to have to play there seems to be counter productive to keeping the game fun for everyone.

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