Difficult, Lore Driven Quests In Guild Wars 2

I regret never playing the first GW after all the good things I’ve heard about it leading up to GW 2. The two things that most excited me for GW2 was how GW1 was very story driven and quite difficult to solo your story quests. These are just things I’ve heard from friends who have played the game, so by all means correct me if I’m inaccurate.

The point I’m trying to make here is that although I am enjoying GW2, my expectations have been shot a little with 2 years down the line with very little to do on a small scale in terms of difficulty. So here is my suggestion –

Quests for Legendary weapons. There legendary, after all. It bothers me that the only resource involved to get one is time in the game spent in any way you see fit. To craft one, the only piece that requires you to actually go out and do something other than farm events is the Gift of Mastery, and those gifts of exploration aren’t exactly terribly fun to go after a second time on an alt.

I would like to see a Tier 2 type legendary. Maybe no more powerful than the first version of the weapon, but offers a new skin, a cool title, and other tidbits of interest to the player. The requirements for Tier 2 would be similar to the first, but maybe only half the farm. This time in your Gift of Mastery, instead of exploring the world, you have to participate in a very difficult quest line.

To decrease the time it would take to implement such a system, it’s only necessary for the quests for cheap gw2 gold to begin on separate branches similar to character stories, but slowly come together as the story progresses.

If this idea is completely unfeasible which most of my ideas are, I’d just like to see more difficult, lore driven quests in general. Not difficult achievements to get with typically easy quests to complete, but a difficult mission that’s memorable. I, for one, enjoy getting my butt kicked once in a while and it bothers me that I can go into the new story missions and complete them with relative ease on the first go around. In life, you have to fail to succeed, so why not in GW2?

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