The Panic Discharge Build In Guild Wars 2

So let me just start out by saying I don’t claim to be pro or try to run meta pro builds. I’m a decent casual engi at best. I’m also not the quickest player when it comes to wvw or pvp so I really love it when I put together a build that gives me that perfect amount of mobility and survivability. Some say it might be over kill with all my panic button abilities, but it’s what I do and what I have a decent amount of success with. I’m just curious if there are any other overly cautious roamers out there running similar builds.

It’s not too terribly different then most SD builds. It’s actually a modification of the one posted on Wolfineer’s outstanding engi page.

Survival tools:
I have a leaping disengage (rocket boots), a nice block (gear shield), 2 stealth options (toss elixir S and cloaking device) 2 invulnerability (elixir S and self regulating defenses), 2 reliable knock backs (overcharged shot and heal turret detonation). I may even go for a third invulnerability if i switch out privateer runes for vampirism runes.

Damage tools:
Aside from rifle and it’s amazing off the top damage your damage will also come from of course static discharge as well as prybar and hell I sometimes just use toolkit #1 for fun.

Like I said it’s not meta but it’s me and I have fun with it. Just thought I’d share.

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