Dev’s Wasting Time & Effort In Guild Wars 2

If ANet so far wasted in my opinion any time, then I would say, they wasted alot with Season 1, it should have ended sooner so they would have had more time to bring sooner the Feature Packs ect. or would have had time to add some more interestign stuff, like Housing, Order Missions and in general just simple new content, that keeps the players busy for long time, or that way they would have had more time for Redesigns of Dungeons, or a Redesign of the Personal Story in the kind of way how Living Story works now with beign replayable, having better rewards, added new Challenges for the replay with new Achievements and definetely a redesigned Zhaitan Battle would have been all thing,s that could have been possible in the time, that Anet wasted with Season 1.

Season 1 in my opinion is something, that Anet could have skipped even completed and they could have better started with the current LS2 as LS1 just from a lore/story viewpoint in overall seen (would require some changes naturally, but I guess, the whole Living Story Feature would have been seen by the community in a much better light, if the game would have started with the current season as season 1, season 1 with scarlet basically just ruined too much the first important impression for many people and just wasnt a good start and wasn’t also really, what many people wanted at all, because still many people wish alot more, that the personal story continues, over gettign now one livign story season after another and makign basically the personal story so obsolete, that also many people already wish ,that personal and living story should get merged into just 1 system…)

In my opinion, anet should reset their priorities, now where the LS is in a break and make this break for now just longer, than intented, to give finally the game first its really needed polishing, that the game so far never could get gw2 gold eu, because Anet pushed themself too much always to keep the LS running.

Its time, that Anet sets the priorities right and looks deeper into the materia of the game to polish those things, that are in dire need of getting reworked for now:

Of Top Priority are in my opinion right now:

  • Significant Changes and Adds of Content for SPvP
    – Needs more different Gameplay Modes, not just only new Maps every now ‘n’ then, like: Dueling Collosseum, Codex Arena, Last Man Standing-All vs. All PvP, GvG
    – Seperate Skill/Trait Balancing with seperate Skill/Trait Versions only for SPvP so that changes there stop to be automatically balancing Fiascos for the rest of the Game, cause Anet keeps on balancing the Game with SPvP in mind and not with the whole game in mind, cause they still try to force this game into some kind of Wannabe-ESport, what Video games will never be, only because you let some people play in some self made tournaments with money/item rewards
  • Significant WvW Changes
    – Redesign of the Borderlands and Battleground including improvements from EotM
    – Class specific WvW Traits to improve the Class Roles for WvW
    – Making Defense in WvW finally same as worthful as Offense and provide rewards for tasks, that are currently rewardless, basically include these tasks as WvW Traits to improve them into the gameplay of WvW as rewarding tasks
    – Add a few new Maps, SPvP got several new Maps, WvW just only 1… would be doable, if ANet would redesign the Borderlands to become 3 different maps, really, who wants 3x the same map?? Through Color Rotation can be just each world once in every place, therefore we dont need 3x the same map, we don’t need “Homelands”. More different maps would be alot more useful, than to have a homeland map thats exactly the same like all the other borderlands)
  • Bug Fixing, Clipping Fixes and adding of Features that the game needs
    There are a ton of Quality of Life improvements and stuff that GW2 could need, other features which would improve the Endgame State of GW2 and adds new things also there to give the game a real endgame state, like it used to have one in GW1 with highend locations to explore, like the Underworld, the Realm of Torment and so on. Places that are challenging is what GW2 needs as Endgame Content, and if you have not the time for new explorable locations, than use your time to make existing content more challenging by redesigning more of the dungeons, which are in dire need of that. Just removing 1 way out of twilight garden in favor for a new redesigned one won’t be enough.
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