Guild Wars 2 PSA: Hotw Troll Is Easy

1) Yup, though personally I pull him to a corner, which I’ll go over later
2) Kinda right. If you’re in the open, yes a double dodge is the safe bet, however you don’t need to. His jump attack has 2 parts to it. One is an initial shockwave underneath him, the second is an aftershock that hits an area around where the initial wave hits. The problem here though is if you’re in typical melee range your dodge will put you at range which will have you needing to dodge the aftershock as well. To prevent this you can do one of two things:

  • Back up and dodge into melee range so that you end up right under him, this will have you completely safe from the aftershock, though you may lose a swing or two of auto attack while you back out to dodge in.
  • Use a wall/corner and dodge into that, if you remain consistently right under him you’ll not need to dodge the aftershock as again, you’re in melee range and not at risk.

3) I haven’t had much success with projectile defense against his daze /shrug, I’ll have to try again, I’ve typically just run a stability rotation and dodged his attack when I’m on guardian.

As for the pull spot, what I typically do is this:
The old tactic was you run up the stairs, across the bridge, then jump back across onto the house to avoid the wolf agro before jumping down on the troll. Well instead of crossing the bridge just jump right down onto that wall on the left as you start to cross the bridge. Get to the end of that wall and you could get out of combat. Then drop down and look to the right you’ll see 4 guys, kill them quickly, then stack in the corner right below where you got out of combat. Then simply tag the troll, run back to the stack spot, and wait for him to get gw2 gold eu, if you attack early he’ll sit at the corner of the building and not hug in tight with you and you may need to double dodge.

This spot works great for two reasons. One being that you only need to single dodge the jump as talked about above, but the second is that even if feared you’ll just run into the corner, no worry about running away and screwing up your position and what not. That spot has made the fight much easier for my group, though I kinda like fighting him more in the middle or screwing up the stack to make it a little tougher… but I’m a masochist when it comes to stuff like this sometimes.

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