Guild Wars 2 Suggestion: To Fix Celestial Might Stacking

Everyone is running celestial because with that you get almost the crit dmg as zerker, the crit chance is covered by sigils of inteligence ( and the celestial crit chance is not bad too) the only thing you really lack is power. But the power is not a problem becuase of how easy is to stack might blasting fire fields+sigils+runes of strengh/hoelbrak. So with celestial you get a very decent survivablity and almost the dmg of a zerker.

The blast fire field BASE duration is too long. 3 stacks with 20s base is too much compared with the other blast finish combo effect. A build can get 75% might duration ( 30 traits+ 45 strengh) will get 3 stacks of might for more than 30s.

My idea to change it: reduce the base duration from 20 to 10-15 seconds or the number of stacks from 3 to 2. The side effect is that it would also make a little harder for pvers to stack might. Another idea would be reduce the power you get per stack of might from 35 to maybe 25-30.

The problem, like some have mentioned, happens when you have multiple elementalists and hambow warriors in the same team fight. All laying down fire fields, all of them blasting each other’s fire fields. With 2-3 people give guild wars 2 gold more might, combined with the massive duration bonus from the runes and the passive might procs from runes and sigils, means the whole team can get to 25 stacks very easily. THAT is definitely OP!

I don’t know how to fix it tbh. I definitely think the fire field on longbow needs a nerf (hambows can keep fire fields up 100% duration, and have 2 blast finishers on <10″ recharges on each weapon set!). Maybe the duration bonuses on might-granting runes should also be shaved. But I suspect the long term solution might be to completely rework the combo system.

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