Guild Wars 2 Orrian Champions: A Review

Usually encountered in southern Cursed Shore. It has an extremely powerful bite attack that usually downs players in one shot. The Megalodon’s main issue stems from its model. It’s simply a regular size Risen Shark made enormous, but its hitbox remains the same size as it originally was. This makes reading its attacks impossible; one moment its swimming in your direction, the next you’re swimming to the surface to revive. Players end up just dodging madly if the thing swims in their direction at all.

The solution here is a harder one, and I don’t know if it is possible. Certainly some kind of clearer indication of its attacks would be beneficial. If the model’kittenbox could fit its mesh, this might help (and would certainly help with the wonky animations that go off when its affected by CC). However this could well be not a simple fix, so I’m open to suggestions. As a side note, all shark mobs in general seem to suffer from very little indication that they are about to attack.

Champion Risen Tactition/Rotbeard/Champion Gladiator

There’s a couple of mobs across Orr that use this template for their attacks. Their biggest attack is spawning purple crystals that do massive AOE damage. These activate very shortly after an AOE circle goes down.

The only real issue that comes up is that the circles are too hard to see when there’s lots of players and spell effects in the area, as there commonly are, especially with Rotbeard. The solution is again simple: colour the red circles in, just like at the Mark II Golem world boss or the Inquest Light Bridge event in Dry Top. The crystals spawning very quickly after the AOE circles goes down isn’t an issue in my opinion; the mechanic rewards fast reflexes and can be overcome.

Champion Risen Knight

These gargoyle looking mobs show up during the attack on the Gates of Arah, and one of them wanders around in Malchor’s Leap in the south-west. No-one much bothers to kill that one, for gw2 gold us: he’s pretty kitten lethal and his block/reflect/evade abilities make him take a lot longer to kill. The mob’s most lethal attack is a line of AOE circles that hit quite hard, and if the mob runs into terrain and stops moving, they all stack in one spot, much like the FGS 4 skill.

One big issue here is that the actual damage radius of the AOE circles is bigger than the circles themselves. This leaves players who think they’ve moved out of the way non-plussed, wondering why they’re taking damage when they’re not inside the red circles. On top of that the mob’s animation for laying down the circles (rearing up then swooping down) is hard to see through player animations.

The solution is twofold: firstly, when using the line swoop attack, have the filled in line AOE marker used by the Colocal Queen in Dry Top. Secondly, widen the line so that it shows the actual area affected by the attack. This won’t address the issue with the mob taking a long time to kill, which could be addressed by adding more rewards to it, but that’s a topic for another thread.

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