Making Warrior Gs More Viable In 2 Mins In Guild Wars 2

Biggest problem with GS is that Hundred Blades is hard to land – which is fine because of how strong this skill is. People who try to make it work usually have to sacrifice a utility slot to pick a CC. Warriors using GS usually go with a setup of 4 in Strength, 6 in Defense, 4 in Discipline. My suggestions focus on enhancing it.

1) In Strength’s Adept part basically there is nothing worthwile for people who don’t dual-wield – but on Master tier there are 2 traits that benefit this build. My suggestion is that you move Physical Training to Adept and maybe move Short Temper up (I’m sure that won’t hurt any builds)? This way we can have Physical Training (to reduce the CD of Bull’s Charge or Throw Bolas) AND Slashing Power.

2) Tactics line – GS builds barely use it in PvP, but you could change this. Leg Specialist causes 1 sec immob if you cripple a foe and has a 5 sec CD. Considering that warriors really can’t spam cripples, maybe you should reduce the CD to 1 seconds – Bladetrail cripples foes in a line, and then comes back to you, crippling them again – from the right distance and with the right aim, this could Immobilize targets twice. This would give gw2 gold an option to root targets for a bit of time to land some 100blades hits. Best part is that it wouldn’t affect Hambow at all – they are using this trait but only have 1 skill that causes cripple.

These really are some minor things that could make it a lot more viable. Would it be meta? Probably not, but it could definitely improve the build.

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