Why The Hate Against Wvw Roamers In Spvp?

The lack of experience is evident in wvw, people don’t count dodges correctly, hardly anyone fake casts abilities. It’s usually either free kills or imbalance builds where most of the damage comes from passive condis that take little effort to apply. It’s really rare to see someone that knows what they’re doing.

Most successful builds in wvw can just reset the fight which becomes a crutch as it doesn’t force you to learn to fight in someones face from start to finish and learn the details of pvp.

I’m not saying this play-style isn’t credible or fun it’s just tough sometimes for some people to transition to conquest after logging many hours playing this way.

There is also a lot less variety in roamer builds as to what you come across in spvp. In spvp you can jump from one class to the next without the need for leveling so you also get to learn all the other classes much faster on an equal ground. I think this is probably one of the biggest reasons spvpers have guild wars 2 gold. When you only take 15 seconds between fights against a larger variety of builds, while playing all the different classes, you learn at an accelerated rate. You can spend minutes in wvw finding a target that is either a support class, up-leveled or a forever runner. Picking off stragglers running support builds doesn’t make you better, even if you kill 100 a day.

I pvp mainly but sometimes roam because it’s just nice to change things up. I have never met an experienced pvper that struggled in wvw roaming. I don’t even bother with food or stacks most of the time because it really isn’t needed.

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