Guild Wars 2 New Collections and Achievements

With the new features hitting tomorrow, I realized how awesome the update is going to be tomorrow! It’s really cool to see all of it at once instead of spread out over 3 weeks. There was a little more impact for me from Ritchie Procopio’s video today than the marathon preview over a 3 week span. ArenaNet, I am looking forward to it immensely.

I don’t agree with the Black Lion Weapon Collection Achievement though. It seems the update is more for the economy of the game than it is for actual players. What do I mean by that? Well, we can’t get the achievement by owning weapons across different sets. It has to be from a specific set of weapons(at least that is how it looked to me in the video) and that rubs me the wrong way. The game economy will flourish, but it means players will have to get weapons they may not want in order to get the achievement.

Why not service the players instead of the economy with this? Make it so the Black Lion Weapons you get toward that achievement can be from any of the weapon sets? That way, we get the weapons we want. We get the achievement we want. You get the money you want from gems and everyone is happy. I don’t see a down side for the players in doing it this way. The way you are setting it up now feels like it is more in service of the market by getting us to buy weapons we may not want. There isn’t a single one of the sets that I like across the board. All the sets have specific weapons in them I like, but generally speaking there are a lot of weapons in those sets I don’t like at all.

I say this because I own about 20 BL weapons. I have multiples from a couple sets but nothing that will get me an achievement and I sure as heck am not going to buy weapons I don’t like with my hard-earned real money to convert to gems, or my hard earned gw2 gold in game. Everyone wins if we get achievements for collecting weapons we like.

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