Why Guild Wars 2 Run Power Over Condition In PvP/WvW

Best part is what it tells you about the players in question. Because conditions aren’t a key factor in any higher levels of play, you always know that they’re talking about low-skill WvW roaming or hotjoin or some random 5-group stomping.

Come higher levels of sPvP play where people are focused down too fast and you don’t get much quality 1 on 1 time any more, come any form of larger force in WvW or highway-patrols against the roamers and come any form of non-solo PvE, conditions nearly disappear.

For quite valid reasons.

Conditions need quite a lot of help. At the very least:

  • Move to fully controlled conditions.
  • In turn, conditions last quite long and also deal significantly more damage than direct attacks (say, a 15s CD direct damage attack causes X damage, a 15s CD and 15s lasting DoT deals 2,5x~3x X damage over the 15 seconds).
  • All group/area cleanses except maybe the odd elite removed. Personal cleansing straightened out, long CD (all conditions now take a long time to work their magic) but full cleanse + brief re-application immunity.
  • No more slot limitations. There’s now a ton less conditions flying around (though total damage is increased or unchanged), but it no longer makes sense to limit them with the reduced number.
  • Some PvE mobs learn to cleanse themselves or (telegraphed!) others. Gives more gw2 gold for interrupt-play, too. This should be by-type. E.g. Medic-type mobs have an always-same-animation 2s cast which cleanses in a 900 radius.

Anyhow, point is, damage way up, control up, duration lengthened, cleansing reduced. Damage-per-second probably down a bit. Would also need to rethink gear balance but that’s a different topic altogether.

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