Guild Wars 2 New Player Advertisements and Kicking

At any rate, I only have two suggestions for dungeons.

1) New Player Advertisements. When college quarters begin, I entirely leave GW2. After I return during my breaks, I love catching up on all the new changes. However, I no longer remember how to complete most dungeons. It’d be great if there was a category in the LFG tab where players, who are new to XYZ dungeon, can post.

2) Kicking. I’m sure there are numerous other posts that cover this, but my lack of fresh knowledge in dungeons makes me a ripe target for kicking after 30 to 40 minutes. Sometimes, it occurs moments before a boss. It’d be really helpful if there was a mechanic installed that required a majority vote to kick (at least 3 of the 5 members), and provided punishments for those who frivolously or wantonly did so.

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