Guild Wars 2 PvP Suggestions

1— Lock classes at signup with team que ONLY—. The purpose of going into a team que, or anything team wise for that matter with a coordinated group of people is because you feel that you can win with the current composition you signed up with. Not going into a team que, seeing that the other team has a class or possibly a certain spec “depending if you know the person” that puts you at a disadvantage. Then therefore a mini game commences before the game starts for the remaining time on the clock in which I like to call “E-bay Character Swap”.

The main objective of E-bay Character Swap is to look at the enemy team, and whatever class they pick you immediately go to the character screen a pick a class that heavily counters theirs. Each team will continue to do this back and fourth, and the team who swaps characters last before the time runs out will be the winner.

The whole purpose of making a team is to make a composition in which you feel will have a advantage over most, not simply switch characters based off what composition you see. This type of nonsense garbage is fine in solo q, but anything that is team based should not have this feature enabled.

2—Solo Que & Team Que Map vote system — This one pretty much explains itself. Like I get it, I understand there are still some scumbags out there that genuinely enjoys skyhammer. However there needs to be a system in place in order for the majority of the people to decide what map THEY want to play, not what map the game randomly picks for them to play.

3—Que time for Hotjoin— I know this sounds crazy, however when it becomes a chore to simply play on the same team with your friend is when you know something is wrong. Like you guys aren’t even promoting team play in hotjoin, you’re encouraging more people to further break the current system in place, spectate to change teams out of combat, leavers, afker’s, etc. If you add a que time, you would get rid of all of that. Punishing those who went afk, leavers, etc.

4—Leaderboards that WORK, combined with a smaller scale pvp mode

I know, I know. You’ve told us before that you’re working on leaderboards, and possibly more game modes, but until it happends, I’m going to continue to poke you with a long pointy stick until you present me with said things. A small scale mode combined with leaderboards at work would open up SO MANY THINGS, I’ll give you a few examples, and my example will be with 2v2 deathmatch.

-With conquest, lets just pretend that there are 1000 people that play, with obviously 5 people on each team. 1000/5 people per team is 200 teams. Not a bad amount right?

-With 2v2 deathmatch, with the same 1000 people that play and 2 on teach team, 1000/2 people per team is 500 teams.

500 teams > 200 teams And the best part about it, is that you are making more competitive teams in the game WITHOUT bringing new people in just by making the overall team size smaller, It’s win win. So before I get replies consisting of “If you make a new game mode conquest will die” OR “The player base is too small for another game mode” I’ll just get my sharp pointy stick and tap to the part about more teams with the same playerbase. The numbers don’t lie, the only thing this would do is benefit the game.

Not only would this change bring back lots of competition, however since the ladder would be working, 2v2 could be shoutcasted at any time. The ladder itself would and should eventually be the competition. That way when the authorized shoutcasters could spectate freely and never run out of material to cast, it would literally be infinite. Since the prize is constantly being fought over until the ladder ends, and then a new one would begin shortly after. In which I would assume you would give a hefty prize for placing at the top in the ladder. However this all relies on a new smaller game mode, and a leaderboard in which the community could trust.

5—Dodge while immob— This is just irritating, just fix it please.

6—Templates— Obviously this is more a quality of life feature, but I wouldn’t mind having it

7—Rewards— The only reason in which I’m adding this is because of the amount of just absurd achievements that I recently encountered. Please try to think of something more creative than having me Collect Trash for a achievement, or whatever. No. It’s a waste of space, a waste of time, and frankly more of a headache. If I had to think of a achievement at the top of my head would be getting 5 stomps in a minute, anything that didn’t require you to become a trash compactor and collector in order to receive an item that you probably won’t care about anyways.

In short this game has the potential of becoming something really good, but when it comes to pvp this game is like looking at a ferrari with no engine. A shiny box with a empty void only leaving you angry afterwards. However fear not my friends, if they were to make these changes it would come soon. Sorry I had to say it.

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