Eotm Ranks Among The Worst Pvp In Guild Wars 2

EotM ranks among the worst PvP of every game I’ve played. It has so many issues that prevent it from providing a real PvP experience, and functions more like a PvE farming area.

Teams are severely unbalanced.
In all my time farming EotM, I have seldom come across come across a fair or exciting fight. One team always steamrolls the other, and since everyone runs around in a giant group, combat is hopeless for 2 of the teams.

The objective doesn’t matter.
Players are given no incentives for holding objectives or increasing their score. The only rewards that are handed out are for taking objectives, so the only incentive is to take territory. It is more beneficial for a team to lose their entire side so they can recapture it, and that is nothing short of flawed design.

Players are not encouraged to split up.
Because of the rewards system it’s more beneficial if everyone bunches together. The objectives take too long to breach and capture, allowing a large group to go through and prevent smaller groups from taking anything.

Issues like those prevent the game mode from functioning as a healthy PvP format.

What EotM should have been was:

  • There should be 2 types of EotM, 1 for guilds and 1 for hotjoins. In the guild version your guild would fight players from 2 other guilds, each team having equal size teams. Only 40(?) players from each guild could participate, and you could not join the queue with less than that. In hotjoin you would be placed in a queue with a random team until there were enough players on each side, or get thrown into a match already in progress that had unequal teams.
  • Games should last far less time, around 15-30 minutes, and players should receive the bulk of their rewarded at the end of a battle based on their score.
  • Walls are gates should be far easier to breach with siege and take less damage from normal attacks, encouraging players to split up and attack multiple objectives rather than bunch up and steamroll through everything.
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